Covid 19 and going forward

I have been doing a lot of thinking regarding how to best move forward during these harsh times. I think the most important thing is innovating when possible in order to both take care of the homeless while at the same time respecting our volunteer’s safety.

First and foremost, we want to take a firm stance on safety – everybody should maintain a safe social distance from one another at all times. All volunteers should only participate fully adhering to our suggested safety measures as well as understand the risks being taken even then.


I believe that the best solution as of now is to prepare/purchase meals that will be dropped off at a nearby location (down the street) from homeless people. Pictures can be taken from far away and the homeless should be alerted to the drop off of the food. In terms of QR code visibility, we are fine with just the pictures from far just for the proof of the act of charity. (This is the internet after all – if there is no documentation, it might as well not have happened).

More to come !

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