Data at a Glance: Donations Over Time

Data at a Glance: A detailed view of the number of transactions over time

Number of Transactions Over Time

Dashboard 1

The figure above demonstrates the number of transactions over time by year and month. *Data as of 5/31/2022*

Please click on the chart above to interact with it. To dig deeper into the data, you may export, download, or even make a duplicate of the chart.

According to the graph above, there was an increase in donations via Banano, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, and Monero during the months of April and July 2019. Similarly, between March and September 2021, there was a surge in donations, mostly from Banano, Monero, Nano, and BCH.

Banano, Nano, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin are the most widely used cryptocurrencies by donors to donate to the organization (as seen in last week’s Data at a Glance). There is a correlation between the type of currency and the time of year.

Q: What is crypto/cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency, also known as a crypto-currency, crypto, or coin, is digital money that functions as a means of an exchange over a computer network and is not supported or maintained by any central authority, such as a government or bank. Crypto for the Homeless accepts donations and reimburses payments in any cryptocurrency or US money.

Q: What is Tableau (the application above)?

Tableau is a popular data visualization tool for corporate intelligence and data analysis.

Q: Where are these numbers coming from?

The statistics and information can be seen in the organization’s public ledger, which includes a history of all donations received over time. The books can be found here.


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