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    1. Greetings! To begin, in response to your query, we do not presently have any volunteers in Iran. If you are located in Iran, we do presently have availability and space for volunteers. If you wish to assist out by distributing food, follow these steps:

      1) Download and print our flyer here: https://imgur.com/pPH2rC2
      2) Purchase and distribute food.
      3) Photograph everything, including the fliers in each image (and the receipt)
      4) Email all of your images to cryptofthl@gmail.com.
      5) Tell me what payment method you want (It’s preferable if you can get a low-transaction coin).

      I also have a few questions for you.
      When would you want to go out?
      What foods are you considering purchasing?
      And where do you dwell (geographically)?

      We also have a couple of entries on the blog that goes over the process in more detail; feel free to look over them or react here if you have any questions. You can also contact us using the email address listed above.



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