Donation Process [Revisited]

Crypto for the Homeless | Donation Process Model

Today, we will explore a process that takes place frequently: Donations.

The process model below depicts the interaction between a Contributor and the Crypto for the Homeless organization during the donation process.

Process Model showing activities and interactions between a Contributor and the CFTHL entity during donations.

The Contributor and CFTHL entity are placed within their own pools, and the communication between the pools is represented by the message flow, which are the dashed lines running between the activities.

A sample collaboration of the interactions between a Contributor and CFTHL is as follows:

  • The Contributor accesses the organization’s website; CFTHL displays the website and its contents.
  • The Contributor decides to donate.
  • CFTHL displays the payment information for the donation; the Contributor views the payment information.
  • The Contributor sends donations; CFTHL receives the donation.
  • CFTHL settles the donation, records the donation in The Books1, and confirms the donation; the Contributor confirms that their donation has been received.
  • CFTHL updates its content.

The purpose of this post was to showcase a little about how the donation process works, using business process diagrams, with the goal of helping our readers understand what is happening when a donation is sent. Whenever the organization receives a donation, it is immediately recorded publicly, and the funds are set for spending on future handouts and/or volunteer reimbursments.

[1] The Books is the document where Crypto for the Homeless publicly records its donations and spending.


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