day 29 – camden NJ / PIZZA

Haven’t made it out in a little bit because of my off-block. Today, I made it a point to go out to Camden and give out some pizza. The reaction from these homeless people really was something else – they were so happy to get any food.

day 27 – Philadelphia/Camden – PIZZA

So let me start by saying today’s outing is one of the most important ones I’ve done for this project. Some of you guys may know the history between this project/myself and a reddit user /u/fallthebanks3301 – to make a long story short it was pretty contentious. 

Regardless, through whatever series of events he recently made a BCH donation yesterday and requested pizza specifically to be donated to the homeless. He did this despite actually not supporting the homeless philosophically – for what I am assuming to be for the sake of crypto adoption and testing the legitimacy of the project. 

I don’t think I need to say any more, here are the pics