7/22/21 pretzels – insane day

Today I finished the final exam of my entire life – I am completely done. I decided to head to the city to celebrate with a meal and also hand out some food. Shortly after handing out some pretzels, I noticed the homeless people running towards something. I looked over and noticed one homeless person with a machete swinging it at another homeless person who was using pepper spray to defend himself. During this incident, a homeless woman nearby was screaming for them to stop and was also screaming for help. I could see at least 2 people nearby calling the police. This could have occurred over pretty much anything, and really showed me a glimpse into the reality of the situation. Homelessness is not “people being lazy” as some critics online say. They live in an extremely dangerous and volatile situation/environment and each day is truly something they have to fight for. I’m glad to have provided at least a little comfort today.

7/5/21 pizzas

I went to hand out pizzas again – today I got a good parking spot and was able to make it to the homeless camp under the bridge. I was actually recognized by most of the people who received food today, which is good. Donating money is one thing, but talking directly to the homeless folk and being right there with them in the hard-to-reach spots of philly is something else.