Accepting new coins – also future plans

So today I spent some time figuring out what the best additional coins to accept were. I settled with nano, cardano, vechain, and solana. I will also add support for Defi tokens as well in the near future. Still looking to expand a bit, looking for people experienced with social media!

day 47 – and some thoughts

Found a homeless person in my home state for once – Pizza time.

Also – I want to address something. I’ve seen some comments saying that a good deed that is photographed invalidates it because it causes it to become attention seeking. Back when I made my very first post, the fact that not every single hand out was photographed INSTANTLY caused a huge amount of doubt – people needed to see PROOF that their donations were actually being used for something. We are on the internet and the only way to make something like this air-tight is to document literally everything.

day 43

Went to philly again today for a haircut, and I thought pizza was appropriate for the day. Social distancing as always. Also, our printed T-shirts came in! Check out the QR code on the back! If you have interest in snagging yourself one, make sure to contact us.

Day 41

Handed some food out in Philadelphia today. The homeless have it much worse than normal – people are cautious to interact with each other and leave their houses. It truly seems dystopic watching the streets pretty empty and the occasional people with masks on. The homeless are receiving much less help than usual. While adhering to the social distancing guidelines, I dropped of pizza for a few homeless people. Hope you guys can do the same!

And why do I have so many pictures? It may seem excessive but it is because of my personal experience with the internet – if it isn’t photographed, it might as well not have happened.