Accepting new coins – also future plans

So today I spent some time figuring out what the best additional coins to accept were. I settled with nano, cardano, vechain, and solana. I will also add support for Defi tokens as well in the near future. Still looking to expand a bit, looking for people experienced with social media!

day 47 – and some thoughts

Found a homeless person in my home state for once – Pizza time.

Also – I want to address something. I’ve seen some comments saying that a good deed that is photographed invalidates it because it causes it to become attention seeking. Back when I made my very first post, the fact that not every single hand out was photographed INSTANTLY caused a huge amount of doubt – people needed to see PROOF that their donations were actually being used for something. We are on the internet and the only way to make something like this air-tight is to document literally everything.