3-11-22 New Zealand Volunteers

It’s been a little bit since the last post, but that doesn’t mean our volunteers weren’t extremely busy. These pictures are the result of two full months of tirelessly cooking and handing out food for the homeless/needy in New Zealand. Just check out the amazing work they’ve done.

Do not hesitate if you think you are able to help out as a volunteer! It doesn’t matter where in the world you are located!

New website launched!

I am proud to announce that we just launched http://cryptoforthehomeless.com as our official website! We also will be maintaining http://cryptoforthehomeless.org and http://cryptohomeless.home.blog

Our new email address for all issues will be contact@cryptoforthehomeless.com

Last year, a group of very talented individuals (The Right Click) contacted me regarding working together and providing their expertise to not only create a website, but to lay the groundwork for establishing CFTHL as a brand. We held regular meetings to discuss and strategize things about CFTHL that were done well, things that could be adjusted to better fit our goals, and finally set up a system to better scale in the future.

As someone who began this project without any experience in this area, I feel very fortunate to learn from these guys. Not only did they bring up a ton of ideas that I wouldn’t have even considered, they meticulously explained their reasoning behind all of their suggestions. Something I value tremendously with this project is helping the homeless while preserving the core beliefs of the project – which the Right Click definitely respected.

They spent nearly double the time that they initially committed towards this project and most certainly over-delivered. More to come, but check out the website!

Also, new flyer!