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Continue doing fantastic work! | 5/25/2022

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Data at a Glance: Donations Over Time

Data at a Glance: A detailed view of the number of transactions over time

Number of Transactions Over Time

Dashboard 1

The figure above demonstrates the number of transactions over time by year and month. *Data as of 5/31/2022*

Please click on the chart above to interact with it. To dig deeper into the data, you may export, download, or even make a duplicate of the chart.

According to the graph above, there was an increase in donations via Banano, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, and Monero during the months of April and July 2019. Similarly, between March and September 2021, there was a surge in donations, mostly from Banano, Monero, Nano, and BCH.

Banano, Nano, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin are the most widely used cryptocurrencies by donors to donate to the organization (as seen in last week’s Data at a Glance). There is a correlation between the type of currency and the time of year.

Q: What is crypto/cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency, also known as a crypto-currency, crypto, or coin, is digital money that functions as a means of an exchange over a computer network and is not supported or maintained by any central authority, such as a government or bank. Crypto for the Homeless accepts donations and reimburses payments in any cryptocurrency or US money.

Q: What is Tableau (the application above)?

Tableau is a popular data visualization tool for corporate intelligence and data analysis.

Q: Where are these numbers coming from?

The statistics and information can be seen in the organization’s public ledger, which includes a history of all donations received over time. The books can be found here.

Law in Tennessee directly impacts the homeless community.

The homeless in our neighborhood are directly impacted by news of a Tennessee law making it a crime to camp on local public property (such as parks). Now is the time to stand forward and assist those who are most in need.

Please consider going out and assisting the less fortunate. You may help those in need by purchasing food or supplies. Any money you spend on buying food or supplies for the homeless will be reimbursed through Crypto for the Homeless.

Get involved in your community!

Calling all Tennessee residents!

Volunteers from Tennessee and the neighboring areas are needed to assist their community. Volunteers are needed in all other areas!

Online Volunteer Positions Available!

The position is specifically for the content manager’s assistant.

You’ll collaborate closely with the content manager to generate content for the website and assist with posting throughout the organization’s numerous social media platforms.

Other volunteer online positions available:

-Discord Community Moderator and Content Manager

-Reddit Community Engagement Moderator

-Twitter Content Manager

Coming Soon…

Coming Soon

The Books are getting updated!

We’re reformatting the books to give them a new design that will improve readability and transparency.

The Books are the public record of donations made to the organization and spending used to repay volunteers. They are updated and maintained on a regular basis. The Books include a compilation of manual records accumulated throughout time. This record is being updated with a new design that will make it simpler to read and comprehend for all. The updated and enhanced books will be the standard going forward.

Data at a Glance: Donations

Data at a Glance: Have you ever wondered what the most popular currency donations are made in?

Number of Transactions by Currency Type

Dashboard 2

The figure above demonstrates an intriguing trend that shows the most common currency type used in donations to Crypto for the Homeless.

Currency NameAmount
Reddit Moons3
Stellar Lumens3
*Data as of 5/23/2022*

All Volunteers

We are always in need of helping hands who wish to give back to their community. Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our company. 

Volunteers from all across the world are needed.

Right now, the most pressing need is food delivery. 

If you’re interested in helping out,

Food delivery can be done from anywhere; whether you are at home, on a business trip, or on 

vacation, please consider assisting the homeless in your area.

Crypto for the Homeless will repay you 100% of the money you use to aid the homeless.

Logo Throwback!

Crypto for the Homeless #TBT – Throwback Thursday!

The Crypto For The Homeless logo over time!

*Use the slider to see the differences!*
From the artist:

I wanted to make sure that I captured many of the qualities of what Crypto for the Homeless was all about when developing the logo. The black ring within the gray ring is modeled after computer electronic circuit boards.  This was done to demonstrate that CryptoFTH is all about integrating technology with a human touch. Each individual circuit line was drawn by hand. The initial lettering was done without any symmetry or precision. Some may favor the first letter face because it is softer and more inviting, but I prefer the cleaner lines of the second design. I wanted to preserve the same design but tidy up the linework from the font face when I designed the updated logo.