​Humans Helping Humans​

​We are always in need of helping hands who want to give back to their community. Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. Volunteers from all over the world are needed. We are a group of like-minded and compassionate people who have noticed a problem with their local homeless population and want to help them stay fed. In the world of cryptocurrency, we bring empathy, compassion, and care.

Make an impact by reaching out today.

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Did you know

Crypto For The Homeless is an officially registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. Learn more. Or search by EIN: 84-3578990


Flyer Throwback!

Crypto for the Homeless #TBT – Throwback Thursday!

Have you ever wondered what that piece of paper in many of the CFTHL images represents? That is the Crypto for the Homeless flyer, which includes a number of QR codes for crypto wallets as well as social media networks.

The flyer serves as a kind of watermark/proof for our volunteers to include in their photos. This flyer was designed with the goal of catching people’s attention.

*Use the slider to see the differences!*

Reimbursement Process

Crypto for the Homeless | Reimbursement Process Model

Today, we’ll look at a common process: reimbursement.

We discussed how the donation process works last week, but how do volunteers get compensated for their selfless service?

The interaction between a Volunteer and the Crypto for the Homeless organization during the reimbursement process is depicted in the process model below.

Process Model showing activities and interactions between a Volunteer and the CFTHL entity during reimbursements.

A sample interaction between a Volunteer and CFTHL is as follows:

  • A volunteer gives selflessly by purchasing food or goods for the homeless/needy and hand-delivering such items to individuals in need.
  • The volunteer visits the CFTHL website; CFTHL displays the website.
  • The volunteer completes their volunteer form and uploads needed items.
    • The form will contain photos of their excursion, as well as photos of the purchased things that were hand-delivered (together with the Crypto for the Homeless flyer) and their selected refund currency. (Crypto for the Homeless compensates volunteers in the majority of the accessible cryptocurrencies!)
  • The volunteer finalizes and submits their form; CFTHL receives a form submission notification.
  • The CFTHL team will check the volunteer-provided footage for accuracy and criteria before approving the form.
  • CFTHL examines the volunteers’ proposed reimbursement currency and processes it by deducting monies from the donation budget.
  • The volunteer receives their compensation, and CFTHL publically notes the deduction in The Books1, under the section named: spending.
  • The reimbursement procedure is finished once CFTHL generates a showcase post.

The goal of this post was to show how the reimbursement process works through the use of business process diagrams, in order to help our readers understand what the reimbursement process is like.

Whenever a volunteer decides to perform selfless service on behalf of Crypto for the Homeless, the volunteer will purchase supplies or food for members of the community who are in need. The volunteer will deliver the supplies in person and document their experience. With these proofs, CFTHL can reimburse the volunteer in the volunteer’s preferred currency once the request is made. After the volunteer receives their funds, the amount reimbursed from the donation budget is deducted and recorded in the organization’s public books.

[1] The Books is the document where Crypto for the Homeless publicly records its donations and spending.

On this day…

On this day a few years ago, the founders took to the streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the intention of assisting anyone they could find. This was the first of many outings, and we learned a lot. The outing fueled the founders’ desire to go above and beyond… to help and touch the lives of as many people as possible.

Sometimes the most human thing is doing the unnecessary.


Donation Process

Crypto for the Homeless | Donation Process Model

Today, we will explore a process that takes place frequently: Donations.

The process model below depicts the interaction between a Contributor and the Crypto for the Homeless organization during the donation process.

Process Model showing activities and interactions between a Contributor and the CFTHL entity during donations.

The Contributor and CFTHL entity are placed within their own pools, and the communication between the pools is represented by the message flow, which are the dashed lines running between the activities.

A sample collaboration of the interactions between a Contributor and CFTHL is as follows:

  • The Contributor accesses the organization’s website; CFTHL displays the website and its contents.
  • The Contributor decides to donate.
  • CFTHL displays the payment information for the donation; the Contributor views the payment information.
  • The Contributor sends donations; CFTHL receives the donation.
  • CFTHL settles the donation, records the donation in The Books1, and confirms the donation; the Contributor confirms that their donation has been received.
  • CFTHL updates its content.

The purpose of this post was to showcase a little about how the donation process works, using business process diagrams, with the goal of helping our readers understand what is happening when a donation is sent. Whenever the organization receives a donation, it is immediately recorded publicly, and the funds are set for spending on future handouts and/or volunteer reimbursments.

[1] The Books is the document where Crypto for the Homeless publicly records its donations and spending.

3-11-22 New Zealand Volunteers

It’s been a little bit since the last post, but that doesn’t mean our volunteers weren’t extremely busy. These pictures are the result of two full months of tirelessly cooking and handing out food for the homeless/needy in New Zealand. Just check out the amazing work they’ve done.

Do not hesitate if you think you are able to help out as a volunteer! It doesn’t matter where in the world you are located!

New website launched!

I am proud to announce that we just launched http://cryptoforthehomeless.com as our official website! We also will be maintaining http://cryptoforthehomeless.org and http://cryptohomeless.home.blog

Our new email address for all issues will be contact@cryptoforthehomeless.com

Last year, a group of very talented individuals (The Right Click) contacted me regarding working together and providing their expertise to not only create a website, but to lay the groundwork for establishing CFTHL as a brand. We held regular meetings to discuss and strategize things about CFTHL that were done well, things that could be adjusted to better fit our goals, and finally set up a system to better scale in the future.

As someone who began this project without any experience in this area, I feel very fortunate to learn from these guys. Not only did they bring up a ton of ideas that I wouldn’t have even considered, they meticulously explained their reasoning behind all of their suggestions. Something I value tremendously with this project is helping the homeless while preserving the core beliefs of the project – which the Right Click definitely respected.

They spent nearly double the time that they initially committed towards this project and most certainly over-delivered. More to come, but check out the website!

Also, new flyer!